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We are also on Facebook now http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arias-Friends/143583558995596 but the most up to date information is usually on our web site here. updated 11/13-14. We are having a 10 day Harvest Sale that started with Miniature Poodes but is also good for the only Malti Poo and the only Peke A Poo still available this year. We would like to have all of our older puppies placed before we begin breeding for spring next month and before the holidays so there is an additional $100 off the listed price of all puppies over 8 weeks old. Since there was a computer problemfor several days we will begin the 10 day $100 off sale now. Please see the Peke A Poo and Malti Poo Pages. There are also new photos on the Miniature Page and all of the puppies that will be available yet this year have now been born. We have newborn white miniature poodles and the only litter of Shih Tzu Poos we will have available yet this year but they are only a few weeks old so pictures will be posted first at 4 weeks. These are THE 2 litters available in Decemeber.

We have poodles in various colors & others ready soon. Poodles are our main breed with a specialty in chocolate & red/apricot small miniature poodles about 8-13 #. However, at times we also have larger or smaller poodles, and poodle mixes. Do check the various pages, especially Mini Poodles, Malti Poos, Toy Poodles.

A LIFETIME  CONGENITAL HEALTH guarantee in writing and microchip are included with your puppy as well as other extras.   We have been raising poodles for 25 years but also for about 13 years have had some poodle mixes because we like variety and hybrid vigor. Also, poodle in a mix tends to be a real plus in terms of allergies and intelligence. With our poodles many are 3rd, 4th or even 5th generation bred here and/or progeny from our tested studs (Optigen, OFA).    All of our puppies also come with housetraining information & health care information. There is time for help and questions. Visits after 11 a.m. by appointment are also welcome.

Congratulations to Dave Pappone and his dog Dakota, a finalist at agility nationals with his 3 year old. Click this link to watch them run. Dakota STD AKC NAC 2014

We are so pleased to make this announcement.


A diamond, a vacation, or a puppy?..... Most might pick a puppy first; just make sure both of you or the whole family agrees.

Summer will be our main season this year to pick up puppies with a lighter fall/ winter season with a few puppies available up until about Christmas, then mostly the poodle mixes until Easter 2015.


Blaze, Charles/ Billie Jean largest M 1 # 7 oz. should be 12-14 #, the last all red M this year although we have reddish brown and black with red phantom. See Miniature Poodle Page.

Black Diamond, mother of a great agility champion, has now been retired.This is her final available pup and very reasonably priced, also one of the several older poodle pups ready now. See Miniature Poodle Page.

Above is Myron from Rory expected to be about 10 #. This puppy just loves to calmly sit on your lap and but he also loves to run and play in the leaves. He is on sale, too.
click on Miniature Poodles
Bert, Rio/ Reba M at 4 1/2 weeks old available  Click on Miniature Poodles
Gypsy, Cassia's F taken 10/9-14 at 9.5 weeks weighing 2 # 14 oz. and likely to be 7-9 # See Miniature Poodles
Roxanne, one of Rullah's 3 chocolate F. She and one sister are both about the same size and likely to be 12-14 # adults. The 3rd is a small miniature which will not be as large. Besides these we have just one other chocolate miniature F available yet this year (Cassia's shown above).  
Bruno and Snowy's only M weighs last Peke A Poo available this year should be 9-14 #, on sale, too!
Harley, Cassia's M, sweet miniature that should be about 10 #, on sale and available. See Miniature Poodle Page.  
Upper left is a picture from summer of our kennel.   Upper right is Frankie, our dog who thinks he is our "son" with our German shepherd Mia.
Welcome to Aria's Friends, home of fine AKC miniature poodles, and poodle F1 hybrids (poodle mixes of 2 purebred dogs). Chocolate miniature poodles of extreme intelligence and performance capabilities are our specialty but this spring we will also be offering what we first started with in 1989- apricot, red, and deep red poodles. We have 2 top red lines for studs with many variations of red or apricot females.  We are a family owned small kennel that started 24 years ago on our 5 acre country setting 43 miles south of the Minneapolis, MN Airport.  We strive for healthy sound companions, performance prospects including agility, rally, obedience and therapy. Most of our customers just come looking for a great companion but we do have agility champions, therapy dogs, obedience champions, flyball dogs that have their origin here as well.   We are moving toward safer, healthier, natural food and environment for all of our dogs. Check out our various pages!  We accept  Pay Pal, cash and personal checks.  
If you are interested in possibly adopting a puppy, we recommend you first read FAQ and the Ordering Information Pages as this should answer many of your questions.   As you and your family’s interest in a particular type of puppy solidifies, contact us without delay with a paragraph of your preferences about temperament, size, color, gender, and natural or docked tail and the type of your life style in which the puppy is expected to fit into (e.g., small children in the house, interest in outdoor activities,  quiet companion, or another dog or cat in the house).  This information helps us make our future breeding plans and suggest  a particular litter or puppy.  Often our puppies are reserved with a deposit or sold even before their pictures are posted at 4-5 weeks old.  
You are also welcome to come visit or to call Becky’s cell 507-304-0531 (calling is recommended if you do not get a speedy reply by email. On nice days and weekends we are sometimes very busy with callers and visitors and puppy pickups and the care of our dogs and puppies).
 For those who are not familiar with the difference between the natural tails and docked tails, we provide a page titled “A tale of two tails” for your information.  Dog experts also tell us that the tail is significant in communication.  For example a dog who raises and wags his tail when asked if he would like extra play time instead of returning to his kennel is almost certainly saying " Yes, please!" International standard and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recommendation is natural.  AKC is O.K. with either natural or docked. We offer both.

If you are looking at adding a dog friend to your family, trust the dog breeder in the business for 24 years to make your dog dreams come true. Our goal is to find good homes for all of our adorable dogs. We have offered in the past (and may offer again), Malti Poo puppies, adorable Yorkie-Poo puppies, Shih Tzu Poo puppies, Toy Poodle puppies, sweet Peke-a-Poo pups, various Miniature and Toy Poodle mixes, Yorkie-Poo dogs among our Poodle puppies and Poodle dogs.   We are the miniature poodle breeders for the Miniature Poodle addition to your family, including European dwarf and moyen poodles and your reliable Poodle breeders for variations of this amazing breed of miniature poodle puppies! Check back often for updates on our current litters available!